Bamboo Eco Breast Pads

Disposable and Biodegradable Breast Pads – Better for You and Earth

Protect yourself and the environment at the same time. Little Shoppers offers multi-use disposable and biodegradable breast pads made from sustainably farmed bamboo. Go about your day in comfort and confidence.

Our pads prevent discomfort from both sensitive nipples and leakage. Non-irritating, super-soft and super-absorbent, these are the perfect solutions to the number one worry many new mums have about their own bodies. Leakage – while perfectly natural and expected of new mothers – can happen at any time. Be prepared with help from Little Shoppers.

Available in quantities of up to 60, these bamboo breast pads are compostable and biodegradable meaning they can do even more good even after they’ve been used. Reuseable multiple times before needing disposal, these are a fantastic tool for the new mother. Our largest box will see her through many months!

Bamboo – better for your breasts, better for the planet

The smooth design of our pads ensures that they do not bunch up on the breast and lose effectiveness. Bamboo fibre is naturally more absorbent than cotton and the adhesive strip on every pad means they are less likely to move inside the bra.

These are an affordable and useful tool for the mum on the go. Wash them again and again before throwing them away, then rest assured that you’re not doing the environment any injury as your bamboo pads are 100% biodegradable! Just like our swim nappies, cloth nappies and nappy liners know you’re doing the planet some good with this product.

Save yourself some trouble and save the planet from harm with Little Shoppers’ washable and disposable bamboo pads. Order online, or contact Little Shopps on or call our Terranora location on 07 5590 5429.