Swim Nappies

Reusable Swim Nappies Mean You’re Ready Anywhere

Finally! A swim nappy that’s as great for the environment as you are for your child. These reusable nappies are washable, quick-drying and adjustable from baby to toddler. Whatever age your child first gets in the water, ensure it’s a hygienic first trip with Luvme, brought to you by Little Shoppers.

Available in a variety of fun colours for your baby, these reusable swim nappies snap shut around the thigh and the waste ensuring zero leakage in the event of an accident. Give your children safety and security when they need it most as they explore the water in their early years.

Had an accident? Just wash and hang to dry for an hour. It’s that simple. Lightweight, comfortable and easy to put on means less struggling during changing time and more time spent having fun in the water. This swim nappy is a definite contender for best on the market!

Another great reusable product from Little Shoppers

Our store is proud to offer one of Australia’s largest ranges of reusable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly baby products. The Luvme swim nappies we sell are just one of many reusable bamboo products we sell for your child. The comfort and safety of your child is the most important thing, give them nothing but the best while making the Earth a little bit healthier with Little Shoppers.

A NSW business run by parents, we have been providing quality baby supplies to eco-conscious families for years. We offer cloth nappies, nappy liners, breast pads and a range of products to improve baby’s bed time.

Order from our impressive range online, or contact us with any questions via email at kendall@littleshoppers.net.au or call us on 07 5590 5429.