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Cotton Swaddle (0-3months)


Every Parent’s Dream! A great night Sleep for baby and you.



Product Description

  • 100% Cotton
  • Suitable 0-3 months (3.2 to 6.4 kgs)
  • Quick & Easy to use design
  • Womb like feeling for baby
  • No need to un-swaddle to change bub
  • Velcro wrap to create perfect fit
  • Prevent startle reflex that can wake bub
  • Leg pouch opens to quickly & easily change bub
  • Machine Washable


Washing Instructions

• Hot tip – wash 2-3 times before using to get better absorbency
• Flush the soiled liner.
• Rinse any liners and place in a dry nappy bucket.
• Rinse the nappy and place in nappy bucket.
• Wash within 2 days.
• Soaking is not recommended. Soaking agents can damage the waterproof coating.
• Do not wash in hot water as this can damage the waterproof coating.
• However soaking of the bamboo inserts would be okay in napisan but not bleach.
• Machine rinse before washing in cold water using ½ strength detergent on a full load.
• Line drying is best. The sun’s UV rays kill bacteria and fade stains. Best of all: it’s FREE.
• Use Low heat when tumble drying.
Deep Cleaning
• Do a full cold wash cycle with no detergents.
• Next mix a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid into a sink full of hot tap water.
• Cheap dishwashing detergent without moisturizers or conditioners are the best.
• Gently massage the detergent into the inner lining of each nappy.
• Do another full cold wash cycle with no detergents.
• A deep clean every couple of months will maintain absorbency.

Click here to download printable washing instructions